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  We hope that you are staying safe during these hard unprecedented times with the Coronavirus Covid-19. Most in person meetings, conferences and workshops have been or are being cancelled and replaced with online gatherings. We have been asked to record these Zoom meetings and offer them for free on our website.  Please consider making a donation to help us continue to carry our message of recovery.  Thank you for your continued support; as always in our recovery community we will get through this together.

Madness To Miracles 5.30-31.20
New Vision International Conference 5.30-31.20
SOCA Zoom Around The World 5.24.20
District 1 Sponsorship Workshop 5.23.20
Covina Speaker Meeting
Coachellafest3 5.17.20
West Hollywood Recovery Weekend 5.16-17.20
Woodstock West 5.16.20
Listen to speakers at Woodstock West website
Al-Anon Without Borders 5.9-10.20
Al-Anon Without Borders Workshop 5.8.20
Al-Anon Without Borders 5.6.20 Tool Kit
Women's Wisdom Weekend 5.9-10.20
Friends Of The Harbor Group 5.2.20
4th Intl Corona Woodstock Of AA 5.2-3.20
Al-Anon Without Borders Workshop - Let Go 5.1.20
Al-Anon Without Borders Workshop-Forgiveness 4.29.20
The Usual Suspects Quarantine Conference 4.25-26.20
Stand Up Comedy Night 5.3.20
Big Book Workshop - Quincy, IL 4.24.20
For 4 Recovery
Al-Anon Without Borders - Traditions 4.25-26.20
Michigan Al-Anon Day Of Recovery 5.2.20
1st International AA Workshop 4.26.20
Spiritual Maintance Workshop 4.25-26.20
Zoom-AA-Palooza 4.18.20
Heartland Speaker Slam 4.18.20
Intl Womens Corona Woodstock Of AA 4.11-12.20
Intl Mens Corona Woodstock Of AA 4.11-12.20
Al-Anon Without Borders Wkshop - Larcine G 4.17.20
Discovering Choices Questions
We Had A New Employer - 4.17.20
Fellowship Of The Spirit Easter Lockdown 4.11-12.20
Fellowship Of The Spirit Easter Lockdown 4.12.20
Al-Anon Without Borders Wkshp - Forgiveness 4.15.20
Al-Anon Without Borders 4.11-12.20
Al-Anon Without Borders - Principles of the Steps & Traditions 4.10.20
AFG Without Borders Wkshp - Finances, Romances & Circumstances 4.8.20
Emotional Sobriety 4.7.20
International Young People Conference 4.8.20
Friday Night Lights Group
One Day At A Time 4.13.20
Zooming Into The Fourth Dimension
Al-Anon Without Borders 4.4-5.20
Big Easy Conference 4.4.20
1st International Corona Woodstock Of AA 3.21-22.20
2nd International Corona Woodstock Of AA 3.28-29.20
Al-Anon Without Borders 03.28-29.20
The Great Reality - Berlin Germany 03.28-29.20
Three Legacies Group 03.29.20
Full Measures Group - Cedar Rapids, IA 3.27-28.20
Threads Of Recovery

There Is A Solution 3.26.20
Get In The Middle Of The Boat 3.26.20
The Serenity Lounge 3.26.20
Spring Into Sobriety 03.28.20
No More Manic Mondays
Talk O Tuesday - Las Vegas, NV
Australia Meetings
12 AA On The Rocks
What We Were Like 04.2.20
TGI Friday - 4.3.20
International Corona Service Conference 4.4.20
Big Book Study For A New Life - 4.6.20
We Have Entered Into The World Of The Spirit 4.20.20

All Are Welcome Here
Socially Distant - Spiritually Connected 4.24.20
Zooming Through The Big Book 4.22-24.20
District 34 Area 60 Butler, PA
Bring Your Own Coffee 4.24.20
Design For Living Group
Big Book Study - Talk O Tuesday 4.28.20
Berlin Big Book Study 4.18.20
S Sentinal Conference II 4.26.20
ODAAT 5.1.20
Big Book Study - Dothan, Al 5.2.20
Threads Of Recovery
Talk O Tuesday 5.5.20
Socially Distant Spiritually Connected 5.8.20
Fear Corroding Thread 5.6.20
Zoom Meeting 5.6.20
For 4 Recovery II 5.7.20
Just Another Bozo On The Bus 5.8.20
The Flames Before The Spark - 5.11.20
Aussie Quarantine Celebration 5.9-10.20
Lockdown Speaker Meeting 5.10.20
Freedom Under God 5.11.20
Talk O Tuesday 5.12.20
More Than A Mountie - 5.13.20
11 Step Workshop 5.13.20
For 4 Recovery III - 5.14.20
Not A Cloud On The Horizon
Talk O Tuesday 5.19.20
Spiritual Expereince 5.20.20
Mississippit Coastal Roundup 5.16.20
Emotional Sobriety 5.17.20
Woodstock YPAA
People That Normally Would Not Mix Part 1
People That Normally Would Not Mix Part 2
People That Normally Would Not Mix Part 3
People That Normally Would Not Mix Part 4
The Shoulder Speaker Meeting 5.25.20
A Walk Through The Traditions 5.24.20
4 For Recovery 5.21.20
Thank God It's Fun 5.21.20
Thank God It's Fun 5.29.20
God Remove My Fear 5.17.20
Talk O Tuesday 5.26.20
4 For Recovery 5.28.20
More Than Just Mounties 5.27.20