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                                                                7th Tradition                                     @AmotAudio                                                 Meetings are starting to go back to in person but there are some that are choosing to be hybrid (in person & zoom). In order to serve our recovery community we are continuing to record these Zoom meetings and offer them for free on our website.  Please consider making a donation to help us continue to carry our message of recovery.  Thank you for your continued support.
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Covina Speaker Meeting

Covina/Bismark Big Book Study

West Hollywood Speaker Slams

Al-Anon Without Borders

Design For Living Group

Life In The Spirit – Deb H

Friday Night Lights Group

11th Step – 2 Way Prayer

People That Normally Would Not Mix


To Know Happiness

Big Book Studies

Steps, Traditions, & Concepts

4 For Recovery

The Backroom – Ontario, Canada

Design For Living Group

Threads Of Recovery

Talk O Tuesday

Women’s Conferences

As Recovering Women See It

More Than Just Mounties


2023 Emotional Sobriety Conference
2022 NIA Big Book Conference
Myers R - Sponsorship Workshop 9.24.22
Emotional Sobriety Conference 6.25-26.22
2022 CW3D4 Round-Up
2022 ACAFG
A Celebration of Recovery
We Are Not Saints 2022
Unity and Service Conference 7.9-11.21
Cape Atlantic Intergroup 6.13.21
Great Facts Speaker Meeting
Southeast Louisiana Spring Roundup 5.28-29.21
District 4 Roundup
2021 Indiana State AFG Convention 5.15.21
Zooming Into A 4th Dimension - Women's Retreat 5.15-16.21
Happy Hour Group 5.2.21
ACAFG Online Workshop 5.1-2.21
The Hand Of AA Will Always Be There 4.25.21
Area 19 District 1 Sponsorship Panel 4.24.21
Women Finding Hope Through Al-Anon
The 12 Principles - OYPAA
Great Facts Conference III - 3.20.21
ISCYPAA 2/20-21.21
The 5th Internaional AA Workshop 3.14.21
District 8 Al-Anon Spaghetti Dinner 3.13.21
New Horizons Group 12 Steps & 12 Traditions
Cedar River Roundup 2.19-22.21
Des Moines Intergroup 2.6.21
We Are Not Saints Convention 1.16.21
McHenry's Soberfest 11.20-22.20 Available in The Members Listening Room
3 Legacy Handouts
Cape Atlantic Group 12.13.20
AA Recovery & History Through Service 12.13.20
Waves Roundup 11.13-14.20
Language Of The Heart - Conversations Over Coffee
Great Facts Conference 10.24.20
An Interview With An Alcoholic 10.10.20
ACAFG Online Workshop 10.10-11.20
Recovery On The River 10.2-4.20
Lifting The Curtain On AA 9.28.29
A Way Out Anniversary Meeting 9.12.20
NW Edge Sunday Meeting 9.13.20
Area 74 Fall Conference 9.11-13.20
Audio Recordings of the Unity & Service Conference 9.5-6.20
Link to download audio recordings
Emotional Sobriety Handouts
Emotional Sobriety Study Guide
Emotional Sobriety Observations
Hope Conference 8.29.20
Cape Atlantic Intergroup 8.23.20
Green Lake Roundup 8.14-16.20
Louisville Quarterly 8.8.20
Great Facts Conference 8.1.20
Primary Purpose Group Of Waukesha 8.1.20
Bluegrass Intergroup 6.20.20
Socially Distant Spiritually Connected 6.19.20
Zooming Into Gratitude 6.6-7.20
Tour Dr Bob's House 6.6.20 - Zooming Into Gratitude
A tour of Dr Bob's House - Akron, OH 6.6.20
Zooming Into Gratitude 6.6.20
Traditions In Relationships Checklist
Socially Distant Spiritually Connected 6.5.20
AA Turns 85 - 6.7.20
Madness To Miracles 5.30-31.20
New Vision International Conference 5.30-31.20
SOCA Zoom Around The World 5.24.20
District 1 Sponsorship Workshop 5.23.20
Coachellafest3 5.17.20
Woodstock West 5.16.20
Listen to speakers at Woodstock West website
Friends Of The Harbor Group 5.2.20
Stand Up Comedy Night 5.3.20
Michigan Al-Anon Day Of Recovery 5.2.20
1st International AA Workshop 4.26.20
Spiritual Maintance Workshop 4.25-26.20
We Had A New Employer - 4.17.20
Emotional Sobriety 4.7.20
International Young People Conference 4.8.20
One Day At A Time 4.13.20
Big Easy Conference 4.4.20
The Great Reality - Berlin Germany 03.28-29.20
Full Measures Group - Cedar Rapids, IA 3.27-28.20
There Is A Solution 3.26.20
Get In The Middle Of The Boat 3.26.20
The Serenity Lounge 3.26.20
Spring Into Sobriety 03.28.20
No More Manic Mondays
Australia Meetings
12 AA On The Rocks
What We Were Like 04.2.20
TGI Friday - 4.3.20
International Corona Service Conference 4.4.20
We Have Entered Into The World Of The Spirit 4.20.20

All Are Welcome Here
Socially Distant - Spiritually Connected 4.24.20
Zooming Through The Big Book 4.22-24.20
District 34 Area 60 Butler, PA
Bring Your Own Coffee 4.24.20
S Sentinal Conference II 4.26.20
ODAAT 5.1.20
Socially Distant Spiritually Connected 5.8.20
Fear Corroding Thread 5.6.20
Zoom Meeting 5.6.20
Just Another Bozo On The Bus 5.8.20
The Flames Before The Spark - 5.11.20
Aussie Quarantine Celebration 5.9-10.20
Lockdown Speaker Meeting 5.10.20
Freedom Under God 5.11.20
Not A Cloud On The Horizon
Spiritual Expereince 5.20.20
Mississippit Coastal Roundup 5.16.20
Emotional Sobriety 5.17.20
Woodstock YPAA
The Shoulder Speaker Meeting 5.25.20
Thank God It's Fun 5.21.20
Thank God It's Fun 5.29.20
God Remove My Fear 5.17.20
The Flames Before The Spark 5.28.20
Voices In Recovery Heartland 5.31.20
Kit Of Spiritual Tools 6.3.20
Thank God It's Fun 6.5.20
Zoom-AA-Rang 5.30.20
Coachellafest 6.7.20
Speaker Jam 6.13.20
The Five Big Delusions
Emotional Sobriety 6.11.20
Linwood Wednesday 6.10.20
Texas Style 6.11.20
Welcome Home 6.20.20
Fear & Transformation 6.23.20
Pockets Of Enthusiasm 6.24.20
Fathers Day Conference 6.21.20
Emotional Sobriety
The Greatest Gift Of All 6.30.20
Joy Of Living 7.1.20
Emotional Sobriety 7.6.20
Central Gardens 7.9.20
Sandpiper Group 7.10.20
Aussie Quarantine 6.28.20
Thank God It’s Fun 7.10.20
A Night Of Family Recovery 7.11.20
Humility For Today 7.13.20
5 Delusions 7.15.20
Red Dirt Roundup 7.18.20
New Hope -Around The World 7.24-25.20
A New Power
We Can Be Alone… 7.31.20
Sunlight Beams 8.1.20
Missouri State Conference 8.1.20
Forgiveness 8.6.20
Louisiana State Convention 8.9.20
Serenity Group 8.8.20
Family Affair 7.31.20
How It Started 8.9.20
Anza Trans Tasman Rally - Sydney AUS 8.9.20
AA Founding Moments 8.12.20
Never Had A Legal Drink 8.15.20
Serenity In The Scenic City 8.22.20
Down Under Speaker Series
Sydney Men's Retreat 8.23.90
Berlin AA 8.30.20
Fall Classic 2020
Peculiar Mental Twist 8.2.20
Friday Night Recovery - London 9.4.20
Psychic Change 9.9.20
District 14 Al-Anon Day
International Men's Corona Confer 2020
Paula P - Champaign, IL 4.22.23