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Joe and Charlie

Joe and Charlie are the most famous AA speakers in the whole industry as they have just revolutionized the whole process. They are famous for Joe and charlie big book studies and their 4th step workshop. In their speeches, you will get to know the secrets of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous and also their journey publishing that book, and that is really an inspiring story. With Amot audio, you can listen to the best recordings of Joe and Charlie tapes. Just click the link below to get desired speeches in MP3 and Cds. Joe & Charlie 1988 Big Book Study Joe & Charlie 2003 Big Book Study Joe & Charlie 2006 Big Book Study Joe & Charlie - 4th Step Study Click the links below to listen to more talks by Joe & Charlie Trudging The Road... Charlie P - Maysville, AR (His Story) Joe McC - Tulsa, OK (His Story)
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