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Free Al Anon Speakers

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite Al Anon speakers. We will be changing the selection on a regular basis, so come back often.  You can subscribe to The Listening Room and hear thousands of more recovery talks on demand. We will be constantly adding more as we record them.

Yes, we realize that there are many sites out there that have free Al Anon Speaker Tapes. Typically those websites are being funded by advertising or, in some cases, by selling visitor dataGASP!  We don’t and won’t.  At AMOT Audio we travel to and record the majority of our speakers at NO COST to the events. In an effort to provide an advertising-free, data-safe place to listen to quality recordings, we depend on you to spend a few shekels to purchase downloads or become a subscriber.  Nobody is getting rich here, folks. We are simply hoping that together we can carry the message to those that still suffer

Your loved ones need you in the time of difficulty. If any of your family member of friend is alcohol addict, and really affecting your life too. Then you really need to listen to the al anon speakers. You can search for the anon downloads from Amot studio. We have a huge collection of aa speakers online and Al-anon speaker singles.