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AA Speaker Tapes, CDs and MP3s are our specialty! AMOT Audio is a full service recording and high speed audio cassette and CD duplicating company. We are dedicated to supporting 12-step recovery programs with a complete selection of AA Speakers recordings. If you are looking for someone to record your next AA, Al-Anon or Alateen event please contact us to reserve or services.

Looking for a little something extra to add to your program? We’ve got a huge selection of AA Speaker CDs, Al-Anon and Alateen CDs and MP3s. We offer a wide range of topics from working the steps and slogans, to surviving an alcoholic marriage, to living with alcoholic parents, and everything in between.  If you’re looking for a particular AA Speaker CD, Al-Anon or Alateen speaker or topic and don’t see it listed just give us a call and we will try to locate it for you.

Your best source for AA Speaker MP3 Downloads and CDs!

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Now you can listen to your favorite speakers, workshops, conventions, studies and seminars on your smartphone, tablet, any MP3 device or your computer. Streaming live to you!

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Just when we thought we’ve learned everything there is to know about AA and Al-Anon, we go to a Speaker Meeting and hear something new. AMOT Audio is proud to offer thousands of great AA and Al-Anon Talks!

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AA and Al-Anon MP3 Downloads

Jump start your program with AA and Al-Anon Speaker MP3 Downloads that will give you the experience,strength and hope you need! Choose from AA Speaker Tapes, Al-Anon or Alateen talks on a wide variety of recovery topics.

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Find Out What People Are Saying About Amot Audio!

Thank you! Your CD’s are a lifesaver on the way into work and home…gives me the little dose of recovery I need to keep me centered!!

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio

So glad I found your site!  Speaker tapes have saved my life so many times.  Keep up the great work and thanks so much.

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Tim M

I’m so excited to have found this site. I will be buying some of the cd’s made by woman for woman. Thanks.

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Davina T
So great to have this wonderful resource. Thank You. I look forward to ordering many more MP3’s and CDs. Yours in fellowship.
Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Andrew M

Love you Deb and Joe! Thanks for making it so easy and convenient to purchase your tapes! Thanks for you time, dedication, and service! Did I say I love you both…haha!

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Sid B

Just found y’all – through search engine! I ordered the Chuck C “new Pair of glasses” CD set – we are going to use these for meetings. Thank you!

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Carolyn M

You guys make working out go by so much faster. I just pop in a Mark H or Bob B and poof….30 minutes goes by. Love what you guys do. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Robert H

Always great to see you at the conferences. Looking forward to Olympia. See you there if not before. You are a welcome addition to my sober life. Thanks.

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Pam J
Just hit my 90 days of sobriety and was looking for a way to get more exposure to AA while I am driving. I am looking forward to getting CDs from you. Thanks for the great website!
Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio

Thank you, AMOT Audio!  You did another outstanding job at the A Way Out anniversary party. We appreciate your helpful service. We are very grateful for your willingness to come and help make our celebration more wonderful. You’re the best!

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Linda W

It is a pleasure to find your web site, it reminds me how nice it is seeing you two at the great AA events we have shared. Thank You!

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Mike K

I’m housebound – You bring the outside in!  I’m so thankful for your service.  Your recordings make the pain manageable and me stronger every day.

Testimonial Logo for Amot Audio
Lydia M