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About The Listening Room

Accessing the Listening Room is Easy as 1 2 3 !

Remember: You must be logged in to your user account, and be a member of the listening room, to access the thousands of and always increasing AA and Al-Anon speakers.  Once you have done that just follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: Log into your User Account and become a member of the listening room.  The room only opens for logged in members.

Step 2: From your mobile device, CLICK on the three lines next to the shopping cart and access the drop down menu. Click on the arrow on the Member Listening Room tab and get the drop down menu.

Step 2: From your computer, CLICK on the Member Listening Room tab near the top of the page and get the drop down menu.

Step 3: From the drop down menu, SELECT the category you want to listen too. 

You are ready to listen!

For single products, anywhere you see a player simply click on the arrow to start.  For sets with multiple files, click on the file you want to listen too.

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Why don't I see any players?

In order to see the players you must be a member and be logged in to your user account.

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Become a Listening Room Member

Why don't all the products have players?

The great news is that we are constantly adding more files.  If you don’t see a player it’s because at this time that recording is only available in CD format.

How long should I wait for it to start?

It might take a little bit of time to start the first recording as you access the cloud where the files are stored.  As you listen to more recordings the speed will increase.  The start speed is effected by your browser and service provider.

Why does the recording sound distorted?

We have done our best to clean up many of the older recordings and ones that we have not recorded. We have chosen to include them even if the quality isn’t the best because the content is awesome.

Will my membership automatically renew?

The monthly/semi annual and annual memberships are set up to automatically renew.  If your credit card information isn’t current at the time of renewal your membership will be temporarily suspended and the players will not show when you log in.

If you need help you can call us at 773-382-8714 or Contact Support