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Bob D. – Las Vegas, NV

Bob D AA speaker is one of the best Alcoholic anonymous speakers of all times. Story is not that important, the way it is being told is important, and this is the area in which Bob D. is good. He has a dark past of alcoholism, but his story motivates, how he came out of that world, using AA meetings and recovery rules. With Amot audio, you can listen to the best recordings of Bob darrell AA. Just click the link below to get the Cds or listen to the Mp3. Bob D - A Power Great Than Ourselves Bob D - Big Book Seminar 2004 Bob D - Big Book Experience Bob D & Kent D - Big Book Seminar Bob D & Scott L -Big Book Study 2006 Bob D - Sponsorship Bob D & Rick C - A Good Foundation Bob D & Polly P -Big Book Experience Scott L & Bob D -Big Book Study 2005 Bod D & Sheldon F -Big Book Study Click on the links below to listen to more talks by Bob D.: North Dakota Round Up in Grand Forks, ND 10.3-5.14 Spiritual Principles In Relationships We Agnostics McHenry's Soberfest - Fontana, WI [...]
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