Listening Room

Listening Room

You’re not alone.  Listen to others who have had your struggles; draw hope from their strength.

Amot Exclusives

Amot Exclusives

AMOT Audio has exclusively recorded many AA and Al-Anon events, as well as many YPAA’s!

CD's & MP3's

CD's & MP3's

Order CD’s or audio MP3 downloads.
AA, Al-Anon and Alateen messages.


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Enjoy a meeting anywhere, anytime! Simply choose from our wide selection of AA, Al-Anon and Alateen speaker tapes, CD’s and MP3’s.

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Speaker Tapes, CD’s and MP3’s are our specialty.  As a full service recording and high speed duplicating company dedicated to 12-step recovery programs, AMOT Audio carries a complete selection of AA, Al-Anon and Alateen speakers.  If you are looking for someone to record your next recovery event, just give us a call at (773) 382-8714.

Looking for a little something extra to add to your program? We have a huge selection of Al-Anon, Alateen and AA Speaker Tapes, CDs, and MP3s that cover a wide range of topics included but not limited to working the steps, utilizing the slogans, surviving an alcoholic marriage, and living with alcoholic parents or children.  If you’re looking for a particular Al-Anon, Alateen, or AA speaker tape, CD or MP3 and don’t see it listed, just ask us and we will try to locate it for you!

AMOT Audio: your best source for AA Speaker Tapes, CD’s and MP3’s in the U.S.

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My Sponsor Says…

AA is not a program to get sober . . . it's a program to live your life successfully and to be happy once you are sober.- Anonymous
The shortest sentence in the Big Book is: 'It Works.' The power behind me is greater than the problem in front of me.- Anonymous
When I live in the past, I live in regret. When I live in the future, I live in fear. When I stay in the NOW, everything's okay.- Anonymous
Courage is fear in action.- Anonymous
The most important word in the Steps is the first one . . . 'WE.'- Anonymous
The quality of your recovery is proportional to the quality of your surrender.- Anonymous