AA & Al-Anon Speaker Tapes | Be at a meeting anywhere - anytime!

Deaf & HOH Recovery Library

Readings, speaker stories, workshops and more on video for our friends in the Deaf recovery community.  The audio is the speakers voice and the video is the ASL interpreter. Both AA and Al-Anon speakers.

Hands Of Serenity –AFG Speaker Talks (ASL Interpreted) 

Great Al-Anon stories about the effects of the disease of Alcoholism.  Listen to the speaker and watch an interpreter as Al-Anon members share their message of hope and recovery.

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Sober Hands – AA Speaker Talks (ASL Interpreted)

Watch an interpreter and listen to the speaker as recovering alcoholics share their experience, strength and hope from a seemingly hopeless disease. Many great stories to hear any time you want.

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AA Readings & Prayers (ASL Interpreted)


Readings and prayers from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. How It Works, 3rd & 7th Step prayers, A Vision For You and many more to choose from.

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