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The AMOT Story

Not so long ago someone asked me what AMOT stood for. The initial go to answer is
always, A Meeting On Tape. But that is what AMOT means, not what it stands for, so
that started us thinking. What does AMOT stand for?

The question started making us think and reflect back to the beginning of when we very
first started on this recovery recording adventure. We started then AMOT Tapes in 1993
with a vision; Carry the message of our great local speakers to others and provide
recordings of out of town guest speakers. At this point, everything was being recorded on
cassette tape, and those speakers tapes were a huge comfort and help to us in our own
recovery programs. The Joe and Charlie Big Book Study made the book come alive!
There was no one in our area providing those recording services so, with our vision clear,
we stepped in to fill that void. Never would we have imagined that more than 30 years later we would still have the privilege of being able to record, preserve and share our fellowships’ message of recovery.
Throughout the US there is a network of Recovery Recording Companies that trade their
recordings with one another. We have the pleasure of trading our recordings and enabling
us to share our amazing local speakers with the rest of the country and build an extremely
rich, diverse library.

Over the years, AMOT has gone through many changes to keep up with the constant
introduction of new technology. We updated our name from AMOT Tapes to AMOT
Audio allowing us the ability to incorporate CDs. For several years now we have been
offering our recordings on MP3 flash drives and currently our new website offers instant
downloads. We are incredibly excited to introduce our streaming audio service where a
membership allows you to listen to our extensive library of recovery recordings
anywhere, any time, on your computer or mobile devices.

There have been many times over the years when we have been tired and the work seems
overwhelming. We have wanted to quit and move on to other service work. Questioning,
why do we still continue? Every time that thought has come God has made it clear that
this is where he wants us. There is always someone that will come up to us at an event
and thank us for recording speakers and our services. We hear many stories that at 2 am
when they had felt alone and trying to decide if they could make it one more moment
they listened to a recording and were able to hang on until the moment passed. They’ve
told us how grateful they are to be able to share the message they just heard with
someone that wasn’t at the event, or be able to go back and listen to the amazing
workshop or panel that they just attended because there was just to much information to
absorb. These moments remind us of the blessing that God has placed in our charge: to
record the words of our fellowships’ as it’s told by it’s members for now and in the future.

This brings us back to the question, What does AMOT stand for? AMOT stands for
fellowship. We stand for the comfort that no matter where or what time, no one is ever
truly alone on their recovery journey. We stand for voices. Voices of those who have
stories to share, and words that can change lives as long as there is the ability to listen.
We will continue to be of service recording recovery events as long as we are called to.
We consider it an enormous gift and hope to always feel the gratitude that AMOT has
given to us.

In the spirit of fellowship,
Joe and Debbi H.