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AA Newcomers

The Big Book promises spiritual awareness, but it’s your first few days in recovery and you don’t even know where the toilets are. You’re burning up with questions: is it okay to have two cookies? Who the heck is Bill? What is everyone laughing about?! Here is a collection of talks to help you survive and thrive. Click on the links below to listen to more newcomer talks: Earl H – 12 Step Study Alcoholism And AA – Bill W Bob D – We Agnostics Clancy I – Disease Of Perception Action Is The Magic Word Earl H. – Early Sobriety Never Had A Legal Drink Pathways To Freedom Seconds An Inches Rick C. – Simply AA Scott R – So If You’re New… Tom I – The Spiritual Life Is Not A Theory Polly P. – Spiritual Life Debbie D. – The Home Group The Invisible Boat        
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